Antarctica – Home of the Blizzard

Photo of Attempting to walk in an Antarctic Blizzard

Trying to keep upright while walking in Blizzard conditions

While I was in Antarctica the conditions that defined a Blizzard were described to me as follows:

“To be officially a blizz it has to be blowing over 34 knots (61.2 km/hr), visibility less than 100 metres, be a minus temperature, and last for over 3 hours.”

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Where to see a Royal Penguin on your Antarctic cruise

Royal Penguins in Antarctica taken on Antarctic cruise

Royal Penguin (Eudyptes schlegeli)

The Royal Penguin

If you are planning an Antarctic cruise you may want to get a photo or at least a viewing of these gregarious little fellows.

From a distance Royal penguins (Eudyptes schlegeli) can be mistaken for Rockhopper penguins and vice versa, however Royal penguins are larger and do not have the black crest. Close up they are unmistakable. Unlike the Rockhopper penguins the only place in the world that Royal penguins breed is Macquarie Island. Continue reading

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What to wear on your Antarctica adventure

Clothing in Antarctica

So your all set for your Antarctica cruise adventure, but then you have that dreaded thought “what am I going to wear?” Fear not, here is all the info you need. Continue reading

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Antarctic Cruises, what you need to know

Antarctic cruises pack-ice and iceberg

Loose pack ice in Antarctica seas

Antarctic Cruises are a fantastic way to see the unspoiled splendour of Antarctica. There are many tour operators that conduct Antarctic cruises . So when planning an Antarctica cruise it is important to shop around and to be aware of exactly what you are getting. Continue reading

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The Sub Antarctic Rockhopper Penguin

Sub Antarctic Rockhopper Penguin standing on rocks at Macquarie Island

Rockhopper penguins would have to be one of my favourite penguins. With their bright red eyes, punk hair-do, and feisty nature, they are a cut above the rest. From a distance they can be mistaken for a Royal Penguin as the beak and golden crest are very similar, however up close Rockhopper penguins are unmistakable with their black punk crest, bright red eyes and they are overall smaller than the Royal Penguin. Continue reading

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Want to tour Sub Antarctica?

Sub Antarctica Gentoo Penguin and Elephant Seal
Sub-Antarctica The wildlife and scenery are awesome, it is a photographers paradise and a nature lovers haven! So pack your bags and don’t forget your camera – come and see the unspoiled
wilderness. Continue reading

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Want to Travel to Antarctica?

Antarctica – a Must to Travel To

Antarctica – there is just no other place like it in the world. If you are even just thinking about a trip to the most amazing place on the planet you should follow it through because you wont regret it. Continue reading

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Postcards from Antarctica

Postcards and Stamps from Antarctic Post Offices

Envelope and Stamps from Antarctica.

Philately in Antarctica

Most Antarctic stations / bases have an official Post Office in order for the inhabitants and visitors to be able to post letters buy stamps and postcards etc. Although nowadays email would probably be the most popular method of staying in touch with the rest of the world, a letter or postcard from Antarctica has a special significance about it. Continue reading

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Tourism in Antarctica and Sub-Antarctica

Antarctica tourism iceberg sight seeing cruises

Iceberg Cruising in Antarctica is awesome!

Tourism in Antarctica is certainly a growing industry, however it can be understood, where else could you go in the world that is so virtually untouched? Continue reading

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10 Secrets to Happiness – Sub-Antarctica style

Probably one of the most asked questions in the world!, what is the secret to happiness? Well here are the ten secrets to happiness, follow these ten simple rules and you can’t go wrong! Continue reading

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