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the voyage to, and living and working on the antarctic continent

Antarctica base / station re-supply and changeover

Re-supply and changeover at an Antarctic station / base is one of the busiest and most hectic times there. This is the week or so when the station is re-supplied with fuel, food, general supplies, new machinery etc. and cargo … Continue reading

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Helicopter crash in Antarctica video

Stuck in the thick pack ice for almost three weeks just 130km from the Antarctic coast, two choppers are sent to transfer food and mail however only one returns back to base!

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Stuck in the Antarctic Pack Ice

70 nautical miles from the Antarctic continent (130km) we start to struggle to get through the pack ice, the ships captain, a Norwegian fellow who has considerable experience getting through the pack ice in Antarctica, is getting frustrated,

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Voyage to the Antarctic Continent

The voyage begins from Hobart as we depart waving farewell to family and friends of which we won’t see for at least 12 months.

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