Want to tour Sub Antarctica?

Sub Antarctica Gentoo Penguin and Elephant Seal
Sub-Antarctica The wildlife and scenery are awesome, it is a photographers paradise and a nature lovers haven! So pack your bags and don’t forget your camera – come and see the unspoiled

The wildlife in Sub Antarctica is just amazing, and the scenery is just as awesome. There are many Sub Antarctic Islands similar to Macquarie Island in the Southern ocean, and the Antarctic Peninsula also falls in Sub-Antarctica.

In most of Sub-Antarctica you will get a variety of Penguins, Seals, Sea birds, Antarctic birds, and Whales. Not all the Islands and areas have the same species, particularly of Penguins, however there are not many variances.

On Macquarie Island the main species that breed there or nearby are: (click on the links for a picture)



Birds – the bird species are numerous however these are the most prevalent species on Macca


  • Killer Whales or Orcas (most prevalent)

Occasionally you will get visitors on the Island as well, either lost or sick or having a break on their travels. We came across a Leopard Seal and a Chinstrap Penguin and neither of them breed on the Island. The Leopard Seal did look sick!

Below is a video slide-show of some of the great wildlife and scenery you will experience when you travel on down to Sub Antarctica

While your making your way down to Antarctica, you might want to see a bit of Australia on your way there!

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