Tourist Cruises to Antarctica and Sub Antarctica.

Antarctic Cruise Ship and Elephant seal weaners

A visiting tourist ship and some excited Elephant seal weaners.

Tourist Ships visit Sub-Antarctica

There are many tour operators that conduct cruises and voyages to the Antarctica region. The Sub Antarctica region is one of the areas the frequent the most as it is relatively the easiest to access and the wildlife is just so plentiful and awesome, it is a photographers heaven.

While at Macquarie Island we had a number of tourist ships stop by, the tourists were treated to the hospitality of the station staff who hadn’t seen any new faces for around eight months and were hungry for telling a story or two over a home brew. The tourists were also privy to guided tours to places of interest around the island.

In the picture above is the Akademik Shokalskiy operated by Heritage Expeditions. It is a 38 passenger 236 foot converted Russian polar research ship with ice-strengthened hull, built in Finland in 1983. They are one of many tour operators that offer trips to many sub-Antarctic Islands and to the Ross Sea and Commonwealth Bay areas of Antarctica.

Antarctic Tourist Season

Most of the tours are conducted in the Antarctic summer season, which is from approx November to March

The tourists, from all parts of the world, spent two days discovering the natural wonders and awesome wildlife this remote Sub Antarctic paradise has to offer, and at that time of year there is plenty to see.

The weather and the wildlife really turned it on for the visitors as they had two very mild days with a bit of sun in between, and mobs of elephant seal weaners, penguins and birds to awe at. And as you can see from the picture, these weaners were exceptionally excited to see some tourists and a big blue, white and red thing in the water on the horizon! Ho-Hum!

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