Tourism in Antarctica and Sub-Antarctica

Antarctica tourism iceberg sight seeing cruises

Iceberg Cruising in Antarctica is awesome!

Tourism in Antarctica is certainly a growing industry, however it can be understood, where else could you go in the world that is so virtually untouched?

What To See In Antarctica

Yes there is Science Research Stations such as the Australian bases, Casey, Davis, Mawson and Macquarie Island, in fact many countries have some interest in research on Antarctica and thus have “claims” on areas to use for such research, however they have to adhere to the Madrid Protocol and I know from experience that they are extremely strict on leaving Antarctica as they found it.

For most tourists they will experience the coastal areas of Antarctica and in particular the Antarctic Peninsula. This is a part of Antarctica that is the closest to any other country in the world – Chile and Argentina in South America. There are many research stations along the peninsula and it is a well suited area for tourism as it does not get locked out by pack ice and fast ice as most other areas in Antarctica but it is still extremely spectacular to see and the wildlife is awesome.

While I was living and working in Antarctica there were quite a number of tourist ships that visited the stations. In particular the Sub-Antarctic island Macquarie Island. Here the tourists could visit many areas with numerous penguins and seals and get a close up of some of the Penguin rookeries and Seal colonies. The tourists are always escorted in groups and much care is taken so they do not interrupt with the wildlife and habitat. The tourists also had a chance to visit the station and enjoy a home brewed beer and some home brewed tales of life on the station. In all it’s great for the expeditioners to see some different faces and have a chat and it is also great for the tourists as they experience a part of Antarctica that not many tourists would.

Another great tourist experience is the Iceberg cruises, this is always breathtaking, no matter how many Icebergs I see they are always impressive. Some of the shapes and sizes of these ice monoliths is nothing short of Awesome!

If you are a photographer whether amateur or professional you will not be disappointed with the fabulous photo opportunities in Antarctica and Sub-Antarctica, heaps of wildlife such as Whales, Penguins, Seals, and Birds, the biggest problem you will have is sorting out your photographs when you return home, you will have so many your friends and family will be entertained for eternity!!

So pack your bags and book your trip, you will definitely be in for an experience of a lifetime, one you won’t forget and one you will talk about for many many years.

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