Antarctic Tour, Cruise and Voyage Guide Pt1

Antarctic Cruise and Voyage Must Do List

Preparing for your Antarctic Cruise, Voyage or Tour

I know when I went to Antarctica I prepared before going a “Must Do List”. This is a reminder list or goal setting list of the thing you want to achieve while on your Antarctic adventure.

Must do lists aren’t for everyone, some tourists/adventurers just like to take it as it comes and not put themselves under any pressure of commitment, however for others it is a sure way to achieve certain milestones and make the very most of a lifetime trip.

It is not always possible to achieve everything on the list, so this will give you a great excuse to go back as soon as you can! It can be great fun looking forward to and planning for your “Must Do List”, and it’s even more fun and satisfying when you achieve and tick off the items on the list. It is also a great feeling to go back home after your amazing Antarctic Tour and go through the list and reminisce about the things you achieved.

So, below is a list of some of the things that I think would be essential items on a “Must Do List” for a cruise or voyage to Antarctica and Sub Antarctica:

Antarctic Cruise Must Do List.

Safety First in Antarctica

These are just some of the things you can do or experience on an Antarctic Cruise, Tour or Voyage, you can certainly make up your own list, however always keep safety in mind, as I am sure the Antarctic Tour Operators always have their passengers safety and well-being as a first priority.

Some Antarctic Tour Operators have their own “Must Do List” for their passengers along with an itinerary for the voyage. Sometimes due to weather and ice conditions it is not always possible to go everywhere and do everything, however the uncertainty is what makes an Antarctic Adventure all the more exciting.

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