Antarctic Cruise Essential Checklist

Antarctic Cruise Clothing and Equipment Checklist

So you’re going to Antarctica on a real adventure cruise, the last thing you would want to do is leave something behind or not be suitably prepared with regards to clothing and equipment.

Antarctica is definitely a place in this world you would definitely want to visit. It is the last unspoilt frontier with amazing views, wildlife and experiences. It is a photographers paradise and a nature lovers haven, however it is one of the most extreme and inhospitable environments on earth, but don’t be put off, this is what makes it a real adventure and if you are suitably prepared it can be the best vacation you ever had.

If you are at the stage of deciding or haven’t yet made up your mind to go on that Antarctic Cruise of a lifetime, then you may want to read this article: Ten Reasons to Travel to Antarctica, then to decide how your going to get to Antarctica and what you are going to see you will want to visit this page: Antarctica Tourism Operators Directory, then once you have everything organised come back to this page for your essential Antarctic Cruise Checklist.

Most cruise operators will have guides on what to expect and what to bring, and they may have backup clothing and equipment for emergencies, but to ensure you have the best for comfort, functionality and preparedness for your Antarctic Cruise here is a fist hand experience checklist of what to take on your Antarctic Adventure.

Clothing in Antarctica.

The best method for dressing in Antarctica is the layering system. Layering gives you the best combination and versatility for all the conditions you may encounter. For more information on Antarctic Clothing and the layering system read these articles:

Antarctic Clothing and Equipment Checklist

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  • Thermal Long Underwear
  • Polarfleece Pullover or Vest
  • Windproof / Waterproof outer layer – Jacket
  • Windproof / Waterproof outer layer – Pants
  • Dry Wick Hiking Socks
  • Insulated Snow / Ice Boots
  • Insulated Snow Gloves
  • Balaclava or Beanie
  • Snow Goggles and Sun Glasses
  • Waterproof Trapper / Trooper Hat
  • Waterproof Back Pack to carry day gear
  • Dry Pack belt or Waist Bag for valuables etc.
  • Camera, Memory Cards, Electronic Storage
  • Tripod, Batteries and Chargers for Camera etc.

So there you have it, make sure you check with your Antarctic Cruise Operator for any special requirements for their particular voyage or cruise.

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