Voyage to the Antarctic Continent

The voyage begins from Hobart as we depart waving farewell to family and friends of which we won’t see for at least 12 months.

The Voyage To Antarctica is Awesome

Unlike what is normally expected, the trip is quite smooth through the southern ocean and we make good progress. 100 nautical miles from the Antarctic continent, as we head for Australian Antarctic base Casey on Wilkes Land, we get to the very pronounced sea-ice edge (pack ice). The ice is made up of many small chunks that have been gathered together by the ocean currents, it is quite an impressive sight. The ice strengthened ship makes its way through the ice cutting a very distinct path through the pack ice. Pack ice is the belt of ice that prolongs in the sea after it has broken away from the Antarctic continents frozen edges, it usually forms a tight packed belt of floating sheet ice sometimes reaching thicknesses of up to 4 meters and beyond.

The sea ice edge

Cutting through packice

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