The vast emptiness of Antarctica

The vast emptiness of Antarctica, It is amazing everything in Antarctica is dwarfed by the sheer size of nothingness. Distance is so hard to gauge because of the lack of object to reference and on a clear day the visibility is so great because of lack of impurities in the air. I always wondered how a place can be so awesome when the colors that dominate it are mainly only white, grey and blue.

Antarctica is a Humbling Experience

One of the things that really hits you when in Antarctica is the vast emptiness and collosal remoteness. Words are hard to come by to describe the feeling when you are out on your own looking out to the horizon across the frozen southern ocean. It really brings you down to earth in a most humbling way!

The picture below is looking across the Clarke Peninsula to the North West.
In the distance past the rocky hills is the Southern Ocean with numerous Icebergs and some small Islands.

Nearer to us but still a few kilometers away is the Hagglunds All Terain Vehicle (ATV) travelling across the Ice and Sastrugi, on the way back from a trip to the old abandoned American Wilkes Station.

Sastrugi is the accumulation of snow, forming mounds after a Blizzard on the hard ice surface, during the winter the mounds become larger and harder as the Blizzards blow across them. The mounds are running longitudinally in the direction of the prevailing wind which is due East. The Sastrugi can make traveling in any vehicle quite arduous, making for a very bumpy ride.

The Hagglunds ATV is dwarfed by the landscape and this picture gives you some idea of the sheer massiveness of the Antarctic. At times it resembles and feels like you on another planet!

The vast emptiness of antarctica with frozen southern ocean and frozen landscape

A frozen vast emtpiness dominates the landscape and dwarfs a Hagglunds ATV traversing the sastrugi - click for a larger image

A yellow Hagglunds all terrain vehicle in Antarctica

A Hagglunds ATV not so small close up!

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