Casey Station Antarctica – A Birds Eye View

During helicopter operations, some of us had the opportunity to go up for a bit of a “look-see” on the choppers, mainly to fill seats while other projects were being deployed. The “birds eye” view is just awesome, the vastness, emptiness and sheer size of just the tiny percentage of Antarctica that we could see from the sky, makes you realize how huge this frozen continent is, it’s mind boggling!

Casey Station Antarctica – Look Hard!

In the middle of the above photo is Casey station nestled in amongst the rocky coast of Newcomb Bay, looking north along the coastline (towards top of photo) can be seen Clark Peninsula, where Wilkes station was established and beyond that the Swain group of Islands and the Peterson ice bank where many bergs get grounded. During winter when the ice establishes well, there would be sea ice where open water can be seen, often for as far as the eye can see. However during blizzards the sea ice around Casey tends to get blown out and the oncoming of more sunshine and warmer days makes it harder for the sea ice to re-establish itself. During the middle and end of summer all the sea ice will be gone leaving the white icebergs and coast in a contrast of deep blue water.

A birds eye view of Antarctic station Casey

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