Antarctic Winter High Noon

Antarctic Winter High Noon

“The sun penetrates the cloud like an eyelid lifting so it can see”

The Stunning Sights of Antarctica

On the Antarctic coast looking out towards the northern horizon, it’s around mid day and the Sun is as high as it’s going to get for the day, the stunning sights of Antarctica are revealing themselves yet again.

Its a mild Antarctic winters day, there is cloud overhead, like a cap that stops just short of the horizon, the temperature is around -12 deg C and there is a light snow falling in the distance and not a breath of wind.

The cloud gives way to the penetrating Sun like an eyelid lifting so it can see this Antarctic paradise, and just below a cluster of ice bergs, some appearing almost opaque as they sit silently bathing in the diffused sunlight.

All around us is the white of the ice and snow and the grey of the rocky ground so prevalent in Antarctica, and yet the awesome beauty and spectacular colours of this icy cold place never ceases to amaze me. Being in Antarctica is an undescribable feeling of awe and peaceful grace, a feeling of humble gratitude for having had the oportunity to experience this amazing frozen world.

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