Antarctica Iceberg Cruise

Icebergs are amazing to see, they are so majestic in their size, different shapes, and natural beauty. One of the things that is most impressive about Icebergs is that they only have one ninth of the actual mass showing above the water line, so its incredible to think of the sheer size of these chunks of ice that have broken off the ice cliffs and glaciers around Antarctica.

Icebergs Are Impressive

This Iceberg cruise took us around Peterson Bank where some icebergs tend to get grounded just north of Casey in Wilkes Land. We found some interesting shapes and beautiful colours both in the sky and the sea. Definitely the best way to see these ice monoliths is on an IRB (Inflatable Rubber Boat) as you get a real sense of their sheer grandeur! The icebergs we came across on this cruise are small in comparison to some of the huge icebergs that are floating around in the Southern Ocean.

To give you some idea of the size of some Icebergs, on the way in to Casey we passed one enormous iceberg that measured around 40 metres High, 10 kilometres long and 3 kilometres wide (on average), it was massive and that was only the one ninth that we could see, there are also some chunks of ice floating around that have broken off glaciers and ice shelfs that are the size of a small country.

Iceberg cruising is a definite must when travelling to or visiting Antartctica.

iceberg cruise in antarctica

Iceberg cruising in Antarctica - awesome!

sunset illuminates clouds on an iceberg cruise in antarctica

A stunning sunset and some awesome icebergs.

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